Full FDIC Insurance on Large Deposits
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  • Full FDIC Coverage
    Full FDIC Coverage Protect your multi-million dollar deposits in one financial institution.
  • Safety
    Safety The quality or state of being secure; such as freedom from danger.

    Both you and your money deserve to be safe.
  • Strength Dedication Passion
    Strength Dedication Passion Over 85 years of experience at work for you.
  • Powerful Framework
    Powerful Framework Beyond simply managing your money, through the Insured Deposit Program, the FDIC protects you against loss of your multi-million dollar deposits.

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Protect Your Cash Portfolio!

In today’s tremendously turbulent economy, many investors continue managing portfolios defensively, emphasizing liquidity and capital preservation rather than seeking returns that present any degree of downside risk. With cash awaiting reinvestment, investors with larger cash balances need a different approach. Evolve Bank & Trust offers these investors a unique cash strategy investment option to protect their entire multi-million dollar deposits through the Insured Deposit Program.

The Insured Deposit Program ("IDP") is one of the most prudent cash management programs for high net worth individuals, financial institutions, corporations, trusts, and municipalities, to benefit from leveraging Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") pass-through insurance coverage.

The IDP offers a variety of features and benefits including:
  • Extended FDIC Insurance: up to $10 Million per Account
  • Competitive Yield as compared to Treasuries, Government Money Market Funds or even CD’s
  • Next Day Liquidity for orders placed by 11:30 A.M. CST
  • Single Account with One Rate, One Statement and One Tax Reporting Form
  • Sub-Accounting available with Multiple Account Statement Reporting
  • No Set-up Fees
  • No Term Commitment
  • No Interest Rate Risk
  • No Market Risk
Comparable Current Rates
Investment Product FDIC Insured View Funds
Evolve Insured Deposit Program Yes 0.15%
Forward US Govt Money Fund/Instit No 0.05%
Lord Abbett US Govt & Govt SE MMF/A No 0.02%
Payden Cash Reserves MMF No 0.02%
First Amer Govt Oblig/Cl A No 0.02%
Schwab US Treasury Money Fund No 0.01%
Schwab Govt Money Fund No 0.01%
Vanguard Admiral Treasury MMF No 0.01%
Edward Jones MMF/Inv Class No 0.01%
Fidelity US Treasury MMF No 0.01%
Wells Fargo Adv Govt MMF/Svc No 0.01%
As of 6/19/12 :: Source: www.imoneynet.com