Community Funding

Evolve Bank & Trust’s Community Funding Division purchases and finances real estate receivables for local governments.

What We Do

At Evolve, we understand local governments are frequently faced with the demands of increasing services while at the same time dealing with tax revenue challenges. They are now looking for creative ways to accelerate their tax revenues without incurring additional debt or raising taxes on their community. One of the most beneficial solutions local governments are adopting is the sale of delinquent tax assets which provides immediate revenue.

Evolve’s innovative and cost-effective method provides governments a way to balance its budget when other options may not be readily available. 

How Evolve Community Funding Benefits Communities

Our experts have the expertise and dedication to understand the complicated patchwork of laws across the country.

The Evolve team is ready to help local governments:

  • Secure immediate cash for delinquent taxes
  • Improve future budgeting by solidifying cash flow
  • Increase revenues without having to raise taxes or increase public debt
  • Decrease delinquency rates

By securing these funds with Evolve, communities have more cash to put into schools, police, and fire departments, and offer public health programs. It’s not just the local governments that benefit from Evolve Community Funding, individual taxpayers often see protected property values, a decreased risk of future tax increases, and reliable funding for government projects that impact their daily lives. 

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