CapitalExpress: Offering Businesses Immediate Access to Cash Through Accounts Receivable Financing

Access to cash is critical to the success of any business. When it comes to the appropriate facility for providing cash flow, Evolve is now offering accounts receivable financing. We’re proud to announce the addition of CapitalExpress to our portfolio of commercial lending products.

Get Your Cash Flowing

Credit-worthy businesses may now access working capital through the CapitalExpress program. CapitalExpress helps businesses unlock their growth potential, increase profits, and conduct business on a cash flow positive basis.

Superior Technology

CapitalExpress is a secure, web-based system that allows business customers to receive cash in exchange for their accounts receivables, increasing cash flow, offering more opportunity for growth, and a new source of working capital.

Benefits For Your Business

Establish Predictable Cash Flow

Through ongoing funding out of daily invoices, a business is able to establish reliable cash flow. Improved cash flow allows you to capitalize on growth opportunities and expand operations.

Eliminate Debt

Businesses can reduce short term debt, make payroll, pay down other obligations, and access new working capital without creating new debt. The CapitalExpress program works as a self-liquidating line of credit for the business.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Businesses can offer more flexible terms to customers and take advantage of supplier discounts. Improved cash position may offer the business new opportunity to negotiate even better discounts.

Better Business Management

CapitalExpress offers superior technology and real-time reports, giving businesses the capability to make more informed decisions.

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