Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Your online security has always been a top priority. Evolve Bank & Trust has upgraded your online banking experience with a security service, which is known in the online security industry as Multifactor Authentication, to further help protect you from identity theft. At Evolve, we refer to this as Enhanced Login Security. This service is free.

Q: What is Enhanced Login Security?

A: Enhanced Login Security is superior security technology that protects your accounts from unauthorized access by strengthening the security of your online banking session. When you login to your internet banking session you can have peace of mind. Powered by the best-of-breed technology, Enhanced Login Security protects against online fraud by providing an additional authentication 'factor' beyond your username and password. Enhanced Login Security will:

  • Defend against identity theft and fraud.
  • Provide added security from any computer, wherever you are.
  • Make it easy for you with one-time sign-up and convenient access.

Q: When will I know that Enhanced Login Security is set for my accounts?

A: You will be prompted to sign up when you login to your online banking session. Sign up once at your computer, set up your "challenge question," and you're ready to go.

Q: How will it affect my online banking experience?

A: Once you set up your computer the next time you login it will be business as usual- the rest of your online banking experience will remain exactly the same.

Q: Can I access my account from other computers at my home, my office or on the road?

A: Enhanced Login Security identifies you as the true "owner" of your accounts by recognizing not only your password but your computer as well. If we don't recognize your computer - you've logged in from a public computer or one you haven't used before, for example -, we'll ask you challenge questions as an additional line of defense to prevent unauthorized access. With Enhanced Login Security, you'll be protected from whatever computer you're using, whether you're at home or on the go.

For more information on Enhanced Login Security, please contact us 24/7 at customer service 866-264-4268 or visit one of our branches today.

Q: How do I log into my personal online banking account?

A: To login you simply go to the" Log into My Accounts" section on the homepage of Click on the "Select Your Account" tab and choose the type of account you wish to access. Once you click on that option, a new window will open to reveal the appropriate login screen. Enter your credentials and you will be granted access to your account.

Q: How do I sign up for online banking?

A: You can register for personal online banking from our homepage, Simply click the "Not Registered? Enroll now" link below the login drop down menu. This will direct you to the personal online banking registration page. Complete the forms and your request will be sent to us for approval. Once your application is approved, you will be able to log in to your account information online within two business days. In order to log in to your account online, you will need your User ID (social security number of the primary account holder), password you submitted with your online application and the PassKey Code that Evolve Bank & Trust will email to you. This code is only used the first time you log on to your Online Banking account.

Q: Why do I have to change my password so often?

A: Evolve Bank & Trust provides a high level of encryption and security on our web site in order to protect your confidential information. You are required to change your password periodically in order to decrease the chances of someone obtaining your password and accessing your information online.

Q: Can I change my mailing address by e-mail?

A: Yes. To ensure confidentiality and a secure way to accomplish this, you must access your EBT Online Banking account, select Secure Forms and then choose the Change of Address Form. Once completed, it will be transmitted to us through a special encrypted secure email system. Using any other email method to communicate with us is strongly discouraged.

Q: How do I view my account history online?

A: Once you log in to your account online, select Account Access. Under Account Summary, click on any link under the Account Title column to view account history since your last statement.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Once you log in to your account online, click User Options at the top of your screen. Then click the Change Password link.

Q: How do I know that my online account information is secure?

A: Evolve Bank & Trust uses 128-bit encryption to protect your information online. When you are navigating the account screens which contain confidential information, you will see a locked padlock icon in the lower right corner of your browser window. You will also see the prefix "https" in your browser's address bar, which means that the web page is secure.

Q: What is the fee for using Online Banking?

A: Our Online Banking feature is FREE. With this feature you can view your account activity and transfer funds between accounts. You can also design and print customized reports of past activity and download your information into money management software, such as Microsoft Money ® or Quicken®.

Q: What is the fee for using electronic bill payment?

A: Evolve Bill Pay is FREE for active participants! Evolve Bank & Trust reserves the right to discontinue the service if you do not pay any bills during any 90 day period.

Q: How do I sign up for electronic bill payment?

A: Once you have logged in to your Online Banking account, click the Payment Manager button at the top of your screen and apply. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from us inviting you to access your Online Banking account and begin using our online Bill Pay feature.

Q: How do I set up payees in electronic bill payment?

A: Once you have logged into Online Banking, click on Payment Manager to access Bill Pay. Click View and Pay Bills, then click Add a Biller and follow the prompts. It's quick and easy.

Q: Can I export my account information into Quicken® or Microsoft Money®?

A: Yes. You can choose a download format at the bottom of the account history screen.

Q: Can I view all of my accounts on one screen?

A: All accounts listed under the same primary account holder and the same social security number can be viewed on one screen.

Q: When I use bill payment, are my bills paid by check or electronically?

A: Whenever possible, payments are sent to your payees electronically. However, not all payees are able to accept electronic payments, and therefore they will receive a paper check.

Q: When I use bill payment, what if the payee does not receive my payment?

A: You should call Bill Payment Service toll free at 1-866-264-4268. You will need to give Customer Service your customer ID and bill payment confirmation number for the payment in question. Bill payment issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

Q: How often is my account information online updated?

A: Online information is updated three times daily (business days only).

Q: If I make an online account transfer of funds, when are the funds available?

A: The funds would be available on the next business day if you make the transfer prior to 2 p.m. CST.

Q: Why is the balance on the ATM different from the balance on the bank's records?

A: The ATM/debit card system has a separate processor, and those balances are updated nightly. However, pending debit transactions that have not been cleared from the system may affect the balance that is given at an ATM location.

Q: How can I view payments I have set up?

A: A payment you have scheduled can be viewed under Pending Transactions up until the scheduled payment date.

Q: What happens if I lose my Check Card (debit card) or ATM card?

A: To report a lost or stolen card call:

Debit Card 1-800-887-0555
Visa Card 1-800-883-0131
For all other issues 1-866-395-2754