Elsa Labiosa

Senior Home Loan Advisor

NMLS#: 29680

76 Otis Street
Westborough, MA 01581

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It’s exciting when I find buyers just like you who have discovered that today marks an important time because you are about to begin a journey which may very well be the most important INVESTMENT of your life! I want to be part of that! Thank you for visiting my web site and selecting me as your Home Loan Advisor. I would like to share the following with you. First I’m a very understanding person, always willing to go the extra mile with a Smile! Working hard to ensure my borrowers understand the process, understand what to expect and what needs to be provided. I have been in the Mortgage & Banking industry since December of 1996. Serving not only within Massachusetts but, Nationwide as well. I have the ability to work evenings & weekends too so you can feel free to contact me either my phone, E-mail and even by text.

One other important fact is that I do not mine going over the process and assisting you in satisfying any requirements, it’s always a pleasure to know that we can work together to ensure the best options and best mortgage that fits your needs. I specialize in the originations of Conventional & Federal Housing Mortgage programs such as the very popular “FHA” program and I can also assist you with VA, USDA and Mass Housing mortgage programs. Many buyers have been noticing that it’s an advantage to buy rather than to rent. It’s actually pretty easy nowadays to become a home owner, no fuss, no uncertainties as long as you have a Loan Officer who works as hard as I do. During interview I always tell my borrowers that I will take them by the hand on their Home buying journey and ensure that they understand the steps to home buying and who are the parties that will participate, what are their roles of the Realtors, Home Inspectors, Closing Attorney and even the Homeowners insurance agent. This way you are better prepared. And for all those who believe that their credit is unworthy I make time to review your credit report and explain so you may have the opportunity to resolve any line items affecting your Credit Profile. It is always a pleasure to be able to provide guidance and further educate to enable getting your credit FICO scores were they need to be for mortgage approval and the good thing is that It’s never too late to start!

And if you’re wondering who is Elsie E Labiosa well I was born in Brooklyn New York, Married to a wonderful man, have a wonderful adult son. I’m fully bilingual can speak, read and write the Spanish language and enjoy working with people of all nationalities and cultures. I also have a great networking team of professionals that can also assist you the borrower/buyer from Realtors, Attorneys, Home Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Notary Public to Contractors such as Roofers, Hardwood floor tech’s, Asbestos removal contractors, Handy man to help the transaction be correct. I always work very hard and make it my business to look out for buyer’s best interest and willing to make your transaction as smooth as possible besides as I said at the beginning I feel that this may very well be the MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT of your life!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Expect only the best!