Card Acquiring

Leverage major networks, like Mastercard and Visa, to send and receive card payments.

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From points of sale (POS) to eCommerce transactions, our Purchase/Pull solution allows funds to be pulled from cards. Offered as an API, this solution can be integrated into financial apps to enable new use cases.

RPPS (Remote Payment and Presentment Service)

Pay bills to 95% of industry service providers in the U.S. through an electronic payment network. By reducing the friction of paying bills, users are encouraged to hold funds in your accounts.

For other bill pay services, see our Check Printing solutions.

Push to Card

Using the same payment rails as Purchase/Pull, funds can be sent to physical or virtual cards with our Push to Card solution. Being able to seamlessly push and pull funds from a card is a game changer for a financial app.

Mastercard Cash Pick Up

Enables consumers to instantly access cash at any enabled ATM using only their phone number and transaction code to receive funds. A credit/debit card, bank account or mobile app is not required for pickup.