Money 20/20 Wrap Up Interview with Scot, Scott, & Hank

Money 20/20 is over, but the biggest fintech conversation in the world continues. The connections and relationships built in Las Vegas this year will no doubt bring new and exciting innovative solutions for the next generation of banking. With that, let’s reflect on some of the highlights of the Fintech’s Biggest Conversation. Hear from our Chairman, CEO, and President of Open Banking as they discuss with us their thoughts on the recent trip to Money 20/20.

What were you most looking forward about Money 20/20? 

Scot Lenoir, Chairman: It’s great getting in front of new customers and hearing their innovation stories. More than that, reconnecting with some of our longtime clients or vendors is something I really look forward to each year. I enjoy hearing how Evolve has helped them reach their strategic goals and what we can do to help them further.

Scott Stafford, CEO: There is no event like Money 20/20 – people are there to do deals and to work. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to meet new clients and new prospects. It truly sparks great conversations that can shape the future of banking. Evolve is a major player in this industry – have been for many years – and it’s still so exciting to see where technology is taking banking.

Hank Word, President of Open Banking: Money 20/20 gives us the opportunity to connect with existing customers and all of the prospects we want to meet. One of the best things about the event is seeing the Evolve Open Banking team personally interact with customers. I am proud of how dedicated our team is and you can see that dedication and excitement throughout the week.

Why is it important that Evolve attend?

Lenoir: As a true leader in the fintech space, it is critical for Evolve to have a presence. As a best-in-class financial institution, not only do we deliver innovative solutions, but we also deliver personalized service. Money 20/20 gives us the opportunity to really solidify our relationships. That personal approach is why we chose a hospitality suite rather than simply being on the floor; in this private space our current and potential customers can meet one on one with the Evolve Open Banking team.

Stafford: Evolve is a leading institution in Banking-as-a-Service, ACH Payments, and so much more. Money 20/20 is a great opportunity to tell our own innovation story. It’s also an opportunity to make meaningful relationships and new partnerships which will shape our next chapters, and what better place to forge those than a conference floor in Las Vegas!

Word: As one of the most important fintech events of the year, Money 20/20 is an opportunity to shake hands with some of the industry’s biggest disrupters. The Evolve Open Banking team is proud to be considered among those who provide innovative solutions to traditional banking needs.

What is it like meeting with new and potential partners?

Lenoir: Having very personal relationships with people is great. I think they like that piece of it. They get to meet us, see us; and I love hearing their stories about what they’re doing.

Stafford: I always love the opportunity to meet face to face not only with new customers, but existing customers. It’s great to connect with people who are creating the next generation of products and then figuring out how our team can help get them across the finish line.

Word: It’s really interesting to hear about the new things they are doing and the ways they are working to change their various industries. I’m always excited to connect with prospects and find solutions and products to help them in their journeys.

The Evolve Open Banking team is proud to help power the fintech revolution. Coming out of Money 20/20, our teams are focused on existing and future partnerships to continue the changing landscape of banking. If you want to learn more about our products and our partners, click here.