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BaaS Security

Evolve Open Banking is committed to the safety of personal and financial information of our partners and their end users. As such, we maintain our charter and status with the Federal Reserve, the central banking system in the United States. We have an obligation to always maintain compliance and security within our system, including regular system audits. This obligation ensures that data is stored, and money is transferred at the highest industry standard set by the Federal Reserve.  

For partners who need security and compliance solutions, we offer KYC and KYB products and a library of best practices. These solutions offer our partners the ability to verify the identity of consumer and business end users, to reduce false account openings and mitigate fraud. KYC and KYB are important starting points in creating safe financial environments.  

The Evolve Opening Banking team works diligently alongside partners and regulators to ensure that compliance standards are met. Our partners trust us with their business, and we do not take their trust for granted. We have a great working relationship with regulators, and our systems are checked regularly both by Federal regulators and external and internal auditors. Our top priority is always the security of financial and personal information of both partner companies and end users.  

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