How to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Paying to keep your house or building warm can be quite expensive, especially if you fuel your furnace with gas instead of electricity. However, there are several tips that you can implement to save on the energy bill.

Upgrade Your Furnace

An outdated or poorly maintained furnace increases the energy bill. You should consider requesting a professional technician to inspect and service the heating and cooling system in your home. You should also purchase and install an energy-efficient furnace. It will consume less energy to operate, hence reducing your utility bill.

Cover Windows with Plastic

Insulating windows will successfully lower your utility bill. Ensure that you purchase an affordable insulation kit. Most kits today consist of a thin plastic film and double-stick tape. Installing plastic on the windows’ interior creates an air cushion that prevents cold air from entering the house.

Invest in Good Blankets

You should also consider purchasing a high-quality blanket to lower your utility bills. Many homeowners use electric blankets that consume minimal energy.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Insulating different spaces and appliances in your home is also another way to save a lot of money. Hire HVAC professionals to seal the cracks in your home. They should also inspect the pipes, windows, and electrical outlets to see if there are drafts. If there are, they can install draft blockers.

Insulating your hot water pipes can prevent them from losing heat after the hot water leaves your water heater. This means that you will require less energy to heat your water. You should also ensure that the weather strips in your window and doors are in excellent condition.

Set the Thermostat

Programming the thermostat can make a significant difference in your heating bill. Ensure that you lower the thermostat by 7-10 degrees for about eight hours a day. You can turn it down when going to work and turn it up after you return. You can also purchase a smart thermostat and program it to turn on/off itself.

Layer Clothing

Wearing warm layers of clothing while indoors will reduce the energy bill by eliminating the need to turn on the heater in your house. The cold season is the perfect time to wear thick pajamas and cozy socks. The heating unit will have less work to do when you feel warm inside.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

When a fan circulates clockwise, it recycles air and makes the house more comfortable. For example, it will allow the warm air trapped in the upper parts of the rooms to move down.

In conclusion, you don’t have to drain your wallet to keep your house warm. Implementing the above tricks will save you some money on your heating bill.