Physicians Capital

We are a primary source (bank) specialized nationwide lender with a focus on providing financing to the medical industry.

For almost a decade, Evolve Bank & Trust, Physicians Capital division has helped medical professionals reach their professional goals while offering their services to communities across the country. With a nationwide reach, we are a single source partner with knowledgeable and experienced lenders who can tailor a loan offering to our borrower’s specific need.

What We Do

Evolve Physicians Capital offers a diverse suite of lending products for medical professionals. We pride ourselves as being a trusted partner for the growth cycle of your practice or outpatient center. Whether you are just beginning a first office, thinking of an acquisition or expansion, or ready to transition to another phase of service, we will work with you to provide a financing solution for each stage of your growth.  

Our loan offerings include:

  • Practice Acquisition
    • One of our core offerings is designed to assist medical professionals in acquiring an existing practice. This type of funding is vital for physicians seeking to expand their patient base and enhance their service offerings swiftly and efficiently.
  • Commercial Real Estate Purchases
    • Owning real estate is a significant asset in the medical field. Owning the premises of your practice can provide stability, potential tax benefits and the opportunity for future equity growth.
  • Capital Improvements
    • Financing covers a broad spectrum of upgrades essential for maintaining a modern and efficient healthcare facility. Whether it’s leasehold improvements or upgrading HVAC systems, we can facilitate financing to ensure your workspace is conducive to providing exceptional patient care.
  • Equipment Purchases
    • In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, staying up-to-date with the latest equipment is essential. Our financing options enable you to invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment, enhancing the quality of care and services you provide to your patients.
  • Purchase/Sale of Entity Equity
    • You may be looking to venture into new territories or transition to a different phase of your medical career. Our support can be beneficial if you wish to enter a partnership, buy into an existing practice or sell a portion of your practice.
  • Startups

Who We Serve

At Evolve Physicians Capital we are ready to help medical professionals provide critical services to their communities. Our loan experts have the experience to serve a wide range of customers. From surgeons to veterinarians our programs can fit just about any need in the medical field.

Our borrowers include:

  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Dental Service Organizations
  • Medical Service Organizations

We also lend to professionals wanting to buy or build an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). These modern healthcare facilities focus on same-day surgical care and can include diagnostic and preventive procedures. ASCs are becoming vital for communities which are seeing traditional medical facilities close.

Why Choose Physicians Capital

The experts at Evolve Bank & Trust, Physicians Capital are ready to help you meet your financial needs. Our experienced, knowledgeable medical focused lenders can lend in all parts of the continental United States. This gives you the flexibility to grow your practice or business as you need.

When you choose our Evolve Physicians Capital you will get a dedicated lender who can streamline the loan application and credit decisioning process, all while offering you competitive interest rates. Our lenders serve as a personal guide through the loan process from initial application to loan closing.

As a specialized lender, we can tailor a loan program to meet the financial goals of our borrowers. As a primary source lender (bank)(, we can offer competitive interest rates with the tools and support to allow our lenders to tailor a financing solution to a borrower’s individualized need.

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