Debit Cards

Available to all Evolve customers, the Evolve Bank & Trust Visa® Debit Card is a fast and easy way to pay for purchases. 

Moneypass ATM Network

Access your accounts at ATMs across the United States, for FREE.

Evolve Bank & Trust customers get free access to any ATM on the national MoneyPass® Network. This includes free access to thousands of machines across the U.S. Evolve is also a member of the PULSE and PLUS networks which can be accessed around the U.S. and in over 120 countries.

Evolve Digital Banking App

The Evolve Digital Banking app lets you take FULL CONTROL of all your card spending.

Just download the app and you can:

  • Instantly turn a card OFF if it’s lost, stolen or being misused
  • Set transactions to have a specific spending limit
  • Get an alert every time a card is used
  • Decline in-store or online transactions based upon your settings

You can even set your cards so that they can be used only when your mobile device is nearby, and restrict purchases at certain types of stores and merchants.

Download the Evolve Digital Banking app on the App Store  or Google Play™ today — and take control of your cards.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you’ve lost your card or had it stolen, please call the Evolve Customer Care Center at 866.395.2754.