Renovation Loans

When renovating a home, the costs will add up quickly. Even with a budget and savings allocated, there always seem to be unexpected costs. That’s why many renovation veterans will opt for a renovation loan. Even with money saved, it’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected.  

Fannie Mae Homestyle Renovation Loan 

The Fannie Mae Renovation loans can be used on any project from updating a bathroom to landscaping to replacing a roof. With standard pricing and conventional execution, loan funds can be delivered even before the project starts (subject to approval). 

FHA 203K 

The types of improvements that borrowers may make using Section 203(k) financing include:  

Eligible Improvements

  • Structural alterations and reconstruction  
  • Modernization and improvements to the home’s function 
  • Elimination of health and safety hazards 
  • Changes that improve appearance and eliminate obsolescence 
  • Reconditioning or replacing plumbing; installing a well and/or septic system 
  • Adding or replacing roofing, gutters, and downspouts 
  • Adding or replacing floors and/or floor treatments 
  • Major landscape work and site improvements 
  • Enhancing accessibility for a disabled person 
  • Making energy conservation improvements 

HUD requires that properties financed under this program meet certain basic energy efficiency and structural standards. 

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