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NEW Online Banking Platform & Mobile Banking App

On June 13, 2023 Evolve Bank & Trust launched a new online banking platform and mobile banking app to make your digital banking experience more convenient, user-friendly, and secure. The new platform and app builds on Evolve’s innovative banking solutions to give customers a simpler, more flexible experience.

All of the tools you have come to expect in digital banking will be customizable so you can take control of what you see and how you manage your money.

Download the new Evolve Digital Banking app on your mobile device in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

New Features

Touch ID or PIN Authentication:

  • Easily and securely log in using fingerprint or a personal identification number.

View Balances and Account Activity:

  • Search for transactions, add a note or an image, and filter by tags. Understand your activity and find what you’re looking for—fast.

Make Mobile Deposits Using Your Camera:

  • Deposit checks into qualified accounts using the mobile remote deposit feature.

Transfer Funds:

  • Effortlessly initiate one-time, future date or repeating transfers.

Personalize Your App:

  • Arrange the app’s features in a way that makes the most sense to you—customize the app on a per-device basis and move things around however you like.

Locate Locations:

  • Find the nearest ATM or locate a Banking or Financial Center using your current location.

Mobile Bill Pay:

  • Pay bills quickly and securely.

Advanced Card Controls:

  • Setup alerts, Limits, Spending Settings, and Card Controls

To Access

Via Desktop:

  • Visit to sign in from a computer or laptop and enter your login information in the “Log into Online Banking” box on the homepage.

Via Mobile or Tablet:

  • Visit the App Store or Google Play and download our new banking app by searching: Evolve Digital Banking

To Login

Your username and password will stay the same.

Via Desktop:

  • Once you enter your login information, you will also be prompted to enroll in two-factor authentication and accept the End User License Agreement. 

Via Mobile or Tablet:

  • Once you enter your login information, you will be prompted to set up a 4-digit PIN and biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition), if you’d like. You will also be prompted to enroll in two-factor authentication and accept the End User License Agreement. 

Helpful Hint: Make sure when setting up two-factor authentication, you use a number that can be accessed while signing in for the first time. 

How to Setup Your Alerts

  1. Login to the “Evolve Digital Banking” App in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Tap “Accounts” in your app dashboard and choose an account.
  3. Go to “Card Management” and choose a card.
  4. Tap “Alerts and Protections.” Then, choose the controls you want to apply to your card.

For questions, please use the Contact Us Today button above or call the Evolve Customer Care Center at 866.395.2754.