Fraud Prevention

Protect yourself from fraud by educating yourself on common tactics, best practices for prevention, and what to do if you suspect you’ve been a victim of fraud. Being knowledgable and aware makes it all the more difficult for a bad actor to trick you into granting access to your accounts. With these Fraud Prevention resources, Evolve Bank & Trust can help you spot someone with malicious intent.

Text Message Scams

Evolve is aware of a text message scam that involves fraudulent messages that appear to be sent from Evolve. While Evolve Bank & Trust does use text messaging to verify recent activity, we will never request sensitive account information via text message.

Please do not transfer money or share personal information such as account details or login credentials with anyone claiming to be Evolve Bank & Trust via text message.

If you receive a suspicious text message, don’t click any links or call the number listed. Instead, call Evolve directly at 866.395.2754.

How to Spot a Suspicious Text

If a message claims to be from Evolve Bank & Trust:

  • But you have not had recent activity. Don’t fall for their trap. You might assume someone has accessed your account, so the criminal is hoping you’ll quickly click the link to verify the activity. Instead, delete the message and confirm account activity directly at 866.395.2754 or at
  • Requests sensitive account information. Evolve Bank & Trust will never request your account details or login credentials via text message. If you receive a text message demanding you share these details, is it certainly an attempt at fraud. Immediately report any such scams by calling 866.395.2754.
  • Urgently requests you to transfer funds. Never respond to threats or solicitations for funds. Evolve Bank & Trust will never request you make a transfer funds to or from your account. Immediately report any such scams by calling 866.395.2754.
  • Directs you to suspicious a link or to download an attachment. Avoid clicking on links from unprompted and unknown sources. These links can contain malware or direct you to sites that mirror legitimate login portals, but in actuality you’re giving all your information to a cybercriminal. Instead, go directly to the source by typing into your address box. Be sure to look for the HTTPS at the start of every web address before proceeding, this ensures a secure connection.

Remember: Evolve will send a one-time passcode, and this information is strictly private. Any messages requesting that you share your one-time passcode is an attempt to fraudulently access your account. Immediately report any such scams at 866.395.2754.

Phishing Scams

Fraud schemes extend far beyond text messages; a common form of fraud attempts is phishing emails. Phishing emails are designed to look nearly identical to a known sender – such as a bank you trust or a store you shop with. Sophisticated cyber criminals can mask the email contact to appear as “Evolve” or “[email protected].” Phishing emails often contain a sense of urgency maintained by a threat or a limited time offer. Please carefully review these resources on the various types of phishing schemes and how to avoid them:

If you believe you have received a phishing attempt, immediately report it by calling 866.395.2754.

Best Practices for Avoiding Fraud

Evolve Bank & Trust is here to empower you with the knowledge you need to feel secure as you scroll social media, shop online, or surf the web. We have a robust Fraud & Security resource library, and we have the information you need to stay informed and prepared against any fraud attempts. The key is to stay alert and aware, and to remember what you learn here the next time you encounter an unusual text, call, or email. Fraud can take many forms, but keeping a critical eye against urgent requests and suspicious links can be the first step towards securing your personal finances and information against fraud. Here are additional best practices to review:

If you’re ever uncertain about a message regarding your Evolve Bank & Trust account, please reach out directly at 866.395.2754 or at We’re here to help. Report any suspicious or threatening messages immediately.