Staying Secure with RFID Wristbands

Everyone loves to go to a music festival, but nobody likes keeping track of an arm full of stuff or waiting in long lines. For some venues, the answer to those worries is the RFID wristband: that same classic festival wristband – but now with the capability to pay for your snacks, drinks, and concert merch. Through the technology of radio frequency, the wristband enables cashless contactless payments which means quicker lines and no wallet or purse to keep hold of.

This is the same technology which has powered Disney World’s Magic Bands since 2013 allowing for contactless payments and access to hotel keys and park tickets. Now RFID is being used for disposable wristbands at festivals and concerts of various sizes across the county.

Do your homework before booking

There are several things you can check for on a festival’s FAQ page or specifically ask about to ensure that the technology being used is legitimate.

Ask if their technology is encrypted

Encryption prevents unauthorized access to your credit card information through a process of converting the data into a code.

Ask if their technology features anti-cloning mechanisms

Anti-cloning mechanisms prevent other people’s ability to copy your RFID wristband. This is important as a duplicate would allow a criminal to make fraudulent charges to your credit card or block your access to the venue if the reader detects a duplicate entry.

Ask what their deactivation policies are

Ensure that once the festival is over the RFID will automatically deactivate and your card will be deleted from the system. If not, this is something you’ll need to manually do by logging into the system in which you entered it.

Other Tips for Keeping your RFID Wristband Secure

Secure the wristband to your arm tightly. If you wear it loose, that increases the likelihood that someone could slip it off your arm without you knowing.

If your wristband is lost or stolen, immediately find event staff and have it deactivated.