The Ease of Mobile Banking

The rush and hurry of life can be quite overwhelming, but mobile banking can simplify your financial life. With Evolve Bank & Trust’s mobile banking app, you can tick items off your to-do list, all from the easy access of your smart phone or tablet.

Bill Pay

With the Bill Pay feature, you’re able to set up payees and make payments to outside institutions. Bill Pay enables you to make payments directly from your bank account – without having to link debit cards and without having to mail a check each month. Through our app, you’re able to manage payments, make new payments, and manage recipient institutions. When you’re on the go, having all your bill payments in one place makes managing your budget so much easier.

Paying bills is the most important part of budgeting, but receiving funds is everyone’s favorite part. Through Mobile Deposit you can deposit checks into your account right from your smart phone. This is a great feature for customers who are always traveling or for days you may be too busy to stop at a branch.

Manage Cards

Customers can also utilize the mobile app to manage debit cards. If you lose your card, you can use the app to freeze the card until it’s found. The immediacy of using your mobile app to freeze and unfreeze a lost card – or cancel a stolen card – can protect you from fraudulent charges.

In addition to each of these features designed to assist you throughout your busy day, the mobile app also enables you to do routine account maintenance. You’re able to transfer money between accounts. You’re able to pay loans held by Evolve Bank & Trust. You can view statements and account balances. Any banking business you would ordinarily do on a desktop or even in a branch, you’re able to do through the mobile app. The difference is, through mobile banking you’re able to do it anywhere in the world.

Mobile banking is designed to enable customers to access their finances without having to interrupt their lives. Download the Evolve Bank & Trust app today.