How to Save Money Despite High Inflation

Everyone’s noticed it – whether it’s going to the movies or buying milk, life’s just more expensive these days. The price tags might be going up, but your checkbook just seems to be shrinking. Here’s a few simple ways to stay ahead of inflation.

Balance Transfer

If you have credit card debt, give yourself some breathing room to pay it down by setting up a balance transfer to a new account with an introductory rate of 0%. This will give you up to 24 months to pay down your debt without additional interest. Be sure to do your research and know the terms of the introductory rate.

Ditch Brand Name Groceries

If you’re someone who loves a cart full of brand name groceries, try to switch to the store brand.  You will find that more items than you’d guess are identical to the brand name items. You will notice the difference at the cash register, especially over the course of a year. Give the store brand a try, and give your wallet a break.

Get Cash Back Rewards

If you’re someone who rarely uses cash when shopping, make sure the card you’re using is giving you cash back rewards. This is money in your pocket – paid towards your statement so you don’t have to – every month. There’s no reason to miss out on this money. Furthermore, there are cash back offers which are tailored to your needs. Make sure that your rewards match where you shop – rather than you shopping where there are offers. Find a card which already has offers at the grocery store, superstore, or gas station where you shop.

These simple saving tips will help you better balance spending and savings as your monthly expenses remain high.