Summer Vacation on a Budget

Planning the perfect summer vacation can be overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to stay on budget. With the advice of Evolve Bank & Trust experts, you’ll learn how to plan your vacation for less.  

Plan Ahead 

The best way to get great rates is to plan ahead. The cost of airfare, rooms, and excursions all increase as you grow closer to your desired travel date. Start booking travel as soon as possible to ensure you’re locking in the best rates.  

Use a Travel Agent 

While travel agents may be thought of as a luxury line item, they are a great resource! They often have access to discounts you wouldn’t ordinarily find. If you’re traveling somewhere new or faraway, they will also help you avoid tourist traps. In many ways, booking with a travel agent will save you money in the long run.  

Try a Staycation  

For significant savings, plan a staycation for the family. By staying in town – or even at your home, you’ll save significantly. Planning fun activities like movie nights, zoo days, or a spa day for Mom & Dad, your dollar goes a long way to make the week feel more like a vacation.  

Off Season Rates 

For those with more flexible schedules, opt for travelling in the off season to avoid peak rates. Even for those traveling with children, check prices closer to the start or end of summer. Explore your options, rather than always traveling July 4th weekend. This will make for less crowded destinations and lower costs.  

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