Using your Summer Vacation Wisely

Summer vacation is a great time to rest and reset, but soon you’ll be looking for a way to fill your time until the next school year rolls around. Here are some productive and fun ways to fill the long summer days.  

Get a Summer Job 

A summer job is a great way to make new friends, build your savings, and fill your days. You’ll have some spending cash but be sure to sit down with Mom & Dad to set a budget and save the majority of your earnings. College is just around the corner, and when you’re out of the house, you’ll be glad to have the savings.  

Learn a New Skill  

Another great way to spend the summer is by learning a new skill. Whether it’s learning how to fix up cars, how to play an instrument, or how to make pottery, any skill is a great way to spend your time. What starts as a hobby now may lead to a job in the future. Even if it remains a lifelong hobby, this is time well spent. 


A valuable way to spend free time is by helping others. By spending your summer volunteering with a local nonprofit, you can make a difference and make friends with likeminded kids. Volunteering also showcases to colleges that you are engaged in your local community. Find a cause that is important to you, as you will be more encouraged to stick with it if you’re interested in the work.   

Do Chores at Home  

For those kids too young for volunteer and job opportunities, a great way to spend your summer is by helping out at home. Going above and beyond to help out at home, you may earn an allowance. If you do, you can put that money towards starting your savings.  

No matter which option you choose, each is a worthy way to spend the summer break.