Mortgage Application Checklist

As a potential homebuyer begins the process of preparing for the home search, there are countless things to do in preparation. First and foremost, saving properly and getting the finances in order. Next, you’ll identify a trusted real estate agent and Evolve home loan advisor. Finally, you’ll prepare your mortgage application. With this mortgage application checklist, we’ll help you prepare all the documents you’ll need, so you know what to gather when the time comes to start shopping for mortgages with your trusted Evolve home loan advisor.  

Personal InformationDocumentsIf Self-Employed
Full legal name
Social security number
Date of birth
Current address and address history for past two years
Driver’s license(s)
Bankruptcy/Discharge papers for bankruptcies if applicable.
Two most recent months bank statements
Two most recent months or last quarter investments or retirement account statements
Copy of mortgage statement if refinancing a retaining a home
(HOA bill of applicable)
Pay stubs covering the last 30 days with year-to-date information included**
W-2 for the past two years
Federal tax returns (1040s) for the past two years
Homeowner’s insurance information including agent’s name and phone
Purchase contract signed by all parties (fully executed)
Copy of earnest money check
Federal tax returns, complete copies for the last two years (personal and business)
Profit & Loss statement year-to-date

From personal information as simple as name and current address to tax and business documents, the mortgage application is an in depth look at your finances, borrowing history, and residence history. This allows lenders to ensure they’re finding the mortgage which is the best fit for you. Be prepared to present documents to your lender accounting for the last two years. More detailed records such as bank statements need only date back the past two months. Be sure that you provide all pages of these records, including name and accounts numbers. Lenders need to be aware of all account holders and may need additional documentation if additional account holders are on bank statements aside from the applicant.  

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This is our standard list of required information. Each loan is unique and might require additional documentation.  

*If you receive commission, bonus, or overtime, please provide the end of year paystub for the past two years.