Jerry McClain

Senior Home Loan Advisor

NMLS: 582914

970 Farmington Avenue
Suite 304
West Hartford, CT 06107

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As a home loan advisor for 35+ years, I have been very fortunate to be able to provide financing options to clients buying or refinancing their homes. Whether it be a starter or dream home, I have had the honor of advising clients with options that are unique to them. During that time, I have seen just about every twist and turn of the housing market. This experience gives me the expertise to find the best home loan program for each client.

I look at home lending as a team sport. When you choose me, I walk you through each step of the transaction. If you have questions, I am there. If you get nervous about any aspect of the process, I am there. The team spirit comes from my long history in sports, and specifically from when I played professional baseball.

Baseball taught me to always be prepared. My business is based on the principle that the best decisions are made when all the facts are available. I will work tirelessly to make sure you know exactly what is happening during the lending process. My goal is for that extra work to help you sleep at night, knowing that you have a lender who has not left anything to chance.

When I am not helping people meet their home financing needs, I share my love of baseball by volunteering with the local high school and Little League. I give individual and group lessons throughout the year, and I also manage my grandson’s Little League team.

My job doesn’t stop when your loan funds and your transaction closes. In fact, it is just beginning. I continue to monitor the interest rate market place. I send you information about current interest rates, new loan programs, investment second home opportunities, and also when it is a good time for you to get a lower interest rate. I treat all the people I work with as “clients for life”.

I am excited to work with you on your next home purchase or home financing need.  

***Remember: In Baseball, as in Life, all the best things happen at Home.

Please call or text me today at 408-799-7407.